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How Natti Natasha Has Evolved for Her Nattividad Era

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Natti Natasha is one of the biggest Latin stars on the planet. She's among the most-watched women on YouTube; her music videos have amassed over six billion views. While preparing for the next phase — a second album called Nattividad — the Dominican artist reached a new life milestone in May: becoming a mother.

Nattividad is an amalgamation of Natti's name and her baby girl's name, Vida Isabelle, as well as being a clear play on the Spanish word for the nativity, natividad. "In the middle of [making the album], I found out I was pregnant, and it just gave more life to the album," Natasha tells Allure. "It's a rebirth of so many things."

Before becoming a leading lady of reggaeton, Natasha was born Natalia Gutiérrez in Santiago in the Dominican Republic. As a child, she tells Allure, she grew up listening to the Latin hip-hop genre that was pioneered by Puerto Rican greats like Daddy Yankee and Don Omar. In 2012, Omar gave Natasha her big break on his song "Dutty Love," which topped the Billboard U.S. Latin chart. In 2017, she teamed up with Daddy Yankee for "Otra Cosa" and became labelmates with him. In the male-dominated reggaeton scene, Natasha was leaving her stiletto-shaped mark.

"I just have a passion for [reggaeton]," Natasha says. "I feel like it's a part of me. I feel like I've been a part of this movement from the get-go."


After continuing to rack up millions of views with reggaeton stars like Bad Bunny and Ozuna, Natasha joined forces with Chicana singer Becky G for "Sin Pijama" in 2018. At a time when women in the genre weren't necessarily seen as bankable together the two Latinas amassed nearly two billion views on YouTube and over 6 million streams on Spotify with their ultra-sexy collaboration. That opened the door for Natasha to collaborate with more women, like "Las Nenas" with Argentina's Cazzu, Colombia's Farina, and Puerto Rico's La Duraca, which premiered in March 2021 and is a track on her Nattividad album.

On top of producing hit songs, she's become a style icon. She wears street style in "Duras," a sparkling mini dress in the flirty "Noches En Miami," and bedazzled her pregnant belly to perform "Ram Pam Pam" with Becky G on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show. 

Ahead of the release of Nattividad on September 24, Natasha talked with Allure about the album's hip-hop influence, embracing the beauty of her pregnancy, and life with her daughter.

Allure: What's the story behind your style for the Nattividad era?

Natti Natasha: [My look] is definitely more sporty. Still in a classy Natti Natasha way. I always like to put a little sass in there. If I'm wearing baggy pants then I like a crop top with some shiny detail. The album reflects my style. There's an urban side with a classy twist. I'm enjoying the sneakers for sure.

Allure: It was a powerful moment to see you sing "Ram Pam Pam" on Jimmy Fallon's show with your belly out.

NN: It was out all day. [Laughs.] It was fun showing it, embracing my body, and embracing the changes. On Jimmy Fallon, it was important for me to show that I have the baby bump, but I feel more beautiful than before. I don't mind showing the world that I am a powerful woman. I want to work. In Latin music, it's not very common to see a girl with a belly, doing reggaeton, and being on a TV show in another language. I was so happy that I wanted to show other girls that they can do this too.


Allure: What was your beauty routine like when you were pregnant?

NN: As crazy as it sounds, I think I was getting more glammed up while I was pregnant. I felt so full of life, literally. I feel like that moment in my life, being pregnant, changed my whole environment, and I concentrated more on myself. I concentrated on having fun, getting glammed up, and feeling beautiful. I never stopped wearing my lotions at night. I kept on working out, whatever I could do with my belly. I took more care of myself than before, and definitely ate healthy, especially for the baby.

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Allure: "Sin Pijama" arguably changed the game for women in reggaeton. What do you think about the impact that song had?

NN: "Sin Pijama" is an anthem. It's a sexy, sassy song. We dared to collaborate together. At that moment, girls collaborating was like, "Oh no, you guys are competition. Why would you collaborate?" We did that. We broke the stigma. We broke the rules. I will forever be grateful for "Sin Pijama." It gave me a beautiful sister like Becky.

I love collaborating with other girls. I like to see them feeling empowered. I feel like that's how us girls are going to keep on being in the game. That's what keeps the movement up there.

Allure: "Sin Pijama" also became an anthem for the LGBTQ+ community. There are drag queens that perform that song. How do you feel to have a connection with that community?

NN: I'm extremely grateful because they've been supporting me since day one. When I make music, I do it for everyone. I feel like that's important because the same way that I'm supporting women, I'm supporting the LGBTQ+ community. It makes me feel good that they understand the message. That they feel like they're a part of this. They supported "Sin Pijama" when the song was a huge scandal. People were like, "Don't you feel nervous about singing 'Perra en la cama (A bitch in the bed)'?" I was like, "No." And I remember the LGBTQ+ community definitely backed us up.

Natti Natasha sitting in front of a neon sign that reads Spa Pedicure Facials wearing cargo pants timberland boots and a...Courtesy of Nevarez PR

Allure: You sample 50 Cent in "Hablando De Mi" and the Fugees in "No Quiero Saber." Tell us about your connection with the hip-hop influences on the album.

NN: It's "P.I.M.P." but the woman version, and we gave it a little twist. I know it's hip-hop, but it has a little bachata guitar in there to give it that Spanish flavor. It was fun to remake a huge song that I love so much. I'm a huge fan of Lauryn Hill. The Fugees' "Ready Or Not" is where I first heard her. Those songs take me back to New York. I lived there for so many years. Now having the opportunity of singing them with my own versions is bananas.

Allure: How is life with a new daughter?

NN: It's a blessing. I look at her and I don't believe it. I have this beautiful little girl. This beautiful human being that came out of me. That God gave me the opportunity to become her mother. I'm grateful that she chose me to be her mama. I feel beautiful. I feel positive. I'm happy. She gives me way more energy to just keep working, to keep striving, and to keep achieving my goals. Because I feel I am an example for her then she will succeed at many things in life.

Allure: What do you hope to accomplish next?

NN: I would love to be in a movie. I would love to do another great crossover collaboration. I have worked with David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas, and Like Mike in Europe. I have worked with the Jonas Brothers, which was amazing. I would definitely love to keep growing and to keep going to these different places in the world where if they don't know me yet, for them to get to know Natti Natasha.

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