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Readers Respond to Editorial on the Future of Teaching

New Jersey’s teachers are a bunch of whiners – grabby self-promoters with cushy jobs and carefree summers. Or … Our state’s teachers are dedicated professionals who endure long hours, unruly students and insufficient pay to educate the leaders... read more

NJ Sets Deadline for School Water Lead Testing

New Jersey school districts that have yet to test their drinking water for lead will be required to do so within one year under new state regulations going into effect this week. The testing rules, passed by the state Board of Education on Wednesday, will also require... read more

No Fast Fixes Likely for Flawed School Funding System

No one is happy with the way New Jersey funds its schools, thanks in part to a state aid system that has become badly distorted in recent years. Some districts, are awarded more aid than they should be under the state formula, while others are consistently... read more


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